Sacred Self-Care Online Retreat by Goddess Provisions
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Sacred Self-Care Online Retreat

8-week deep dive into creating a self-care practice that will nourish your mind, body and spirit!

Weekly video updates from Jill, Co-Founder of Goddess Provisions

7 digital guidebooks with inspiration, activities and journaling exercises

Crystal, moon and astrology guidance

2 audio meditation downloads

Private Facebook Group just for retreat attendees

○ $150+ in Bonuses—oracle deck, yoga classes, breathwork & more!
Enrollment is closed

An invitation from Jill...

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Week 1

Stepping into the Goddess Circle

Introduce yourself and connect with the other women in our private Facebook group.

Week 2

Creating Your Altar

Create an altar space that will inspire you to connect with your self-care practice each day.

Week 3

Self-Care Deep Dive

Review all areas of your self-care practice to see where you're shining and where you need to go deeper.

Week 4

Adventures in Self-Care

Plan a nourishing adventure that will ignite your self-care practice.

Week 5

Setting Boundaries

Get clear on your boundaries and how you can shift things in your life to make the time necessary for more self-care.

Week 6

Morning Ritual

Create a personalized morning ritual that will have you starting each day glowing.

Week 7

Evening Ritual

Consciously plan how to best end your day so you can arrive in your bed feeling complete and ready for dreamland.

Week 8

Remembering How to Celebrate

Connect with deeper levels of gratitude and celebrate how your self-care practice has allowed all areas of your life to flourish.

Bonuses: Over $150+ in Magical Additions

The Sacred Self-Care Oracle - $24.99

55 cards & guidebook - mailed to your address of choice!
Spice up your self-care rituals and sharpen your intuition with this bright & colorful oracle deck.

Guided Yoga Sequences - $44 Value

2 x 20 minute videos by Ashley Thompson of @herbivorebeauty
Guided yoga sequences to help you connect with the energy of the New Moon & Full Moon.

Guided Breathwork Sessions - $44 Value

2 x 45 minute videos by Sara Siverstein of @sarasilverstein
A moon-themed introduction to Breathwork that will help you release stuck energy and manifest your desires.

Cycle Tracking Guidebook & Charts - $22 Value

11 page digital guidebook  | printable cycle charts for Oct & Nov
An introduction to work with your personal cycle, whether you have a monthly menstruation or not.

Moon Wisdom Club Libra Season Package - $11 Value

25+ page digital guidebook | 2 x 15 min audio meditations | 3 digital wallpaper designs
Get a taste of our Moon Wisdom Club by exploring all of the wisdom, rituals & guidance we share each month.

Moon Phase Meanings & Ritual Guide - $11 Value

5 page digital guidebook 
A perfect quick-reference guide for looking up the meaning of each moon phase and how to best work with its energy. You’ll get a mantra for each phase and a simple but powerful ritual you can do at home for any New Moon & Full Moon

What Goddesses are Saying

"I loved how each week had one self-care assignment to dive into. It was paced perfectly! I would have definitely been overwhelmed had the course moved faster."
"I am thrilled with the tools I now have to elevate my self-care practice. I was able to pinpoint where I need more work and where I can give myself a break sometimes. Thank you for this wonderfully guided self-love retreat!"
"I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much! I can honestly say I have been able to use all of my new acquired skills. They have really helped me to bring out my goddess within."

A Love Note ❤️

Dear Goddess,

It’s been a crazy year! If you haven’t already been going super deep with your self-care practice to stay balanced, now is the time to fully commit yourself. I’d love to have you join me on an 8-week online retreat where we’ll dive deep into the practice of self-care. We’ll create morning and evening rituals to nourish our souls, set our boundaries, and remember how to celebrate our successes. By the end of our retreat, I know we’ll all be feeling nourished, focused and ready to wrap up this unique year looking and feeling like total goddesses.

With love & light,
Jill, Co-founder of Goddess Provisions
I'm ready to take incredible care of myself!

Bonus Gift: The Sacred Self-Care Oracle Deck

Included with the online retreat

This oracle deck & guidebook will help you intuitively create the self-care rituals your soul is calling for.

Join & Get the Deck

What should I expect?

Weekly emails with inspiration, links to pre-recorded video updates from Jill and downloadable PDF guidebooks that contain all the info you'll need for each week of our retreat.

○ After singing up, you'll have immediate accesses to the digital bonus content and welcome video. Starting Oct 5, we will email you each Monday when access to the next weekly module opens up.

You'll receive a physical copy of The Sacred Self-Care Oracle deck by approximately October 12.

Access to our private Facebook group where you can share about your experiences each week and connect with all of the other goddesses in the group. Don’t have Facebook? You can comment directly in the online retreat platform hosted on Podia.

Be ready to inspire your friends, family and community by sharing about your weekly activities on your social media accounts and in person.
Sounds great, I'm in

What's Next

After paying the registration fee, you’ll be asked to create a password for your account and receive an email with details on how to prepare for the retreat launch on October 5. This email will include a link to the private Facebook group, agenda, and a link to our intake survey where you can share your preferred address for your Oracle deck. You'll have immediate access to all the course bonuses and the welcome video. You'll get access a new section of the agenda each week as we go through each section together as a group. 
Let's take this journey together


What is the return policy?

You can get a FULL REFUND if you aren’t happy and do the work.

Here’s what’s required: You can receive a refund if you email us to describe how we didn’t meet your expectations based on our marketing materials, mail us back your Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deck unopened, and send us proof that you did all the recommended exercises in the retreat. You’ll need to submit all your completed journal entries and photos as proof. Refunds are only available if these requirements are met, otherwise all sales are final.

How do I access the online retreat materials?

When signing up, you’ll create a user account on our partner platform Podia to access the content. From there, you’ll be able to see the private links to all the video content and download the digital guidebooks.

When does the retreat start?

Monday, October 5. However, you can go through the retreat materials at your own pace and come back to them anytime you wish for up to one year on the Podia platform.

When will I receive my oracle deck?

Oracle decks will ship by October 12 as long as you submit your address by October 4 via the intake form we send you after registration Otherwise, your deck will ship approximately one week after submitting your address.